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We be­lie­ve that a gre­at com­pa­ny is built on gre­at peop­le: We are proud to have brought to­ge­ther in­credi­b­ly bright minds to help run bet­ter banks - re­a­dy for the 21st cen­tu­ry to un­fold. Our cust­o­m­ers un­der­stand what it ta­kes to suc­ceed in a ful­ly di­gi­tal world and our team is a trusted part­ner sup­porting them in their ven­tures.

We help Fin­Tech in­no­va­tors, banks and mi­cro­fi­nan­ce in­sti­tu­ti­ons to de­li­ver es­sen­ti­al ban­king ser­vices to in­di­vi­du­als and emer­ging en­t­er­pri­ses around the world.

We do this by pro­vi­ding world-class ban­king tech­no­lo­gy built in and de­li­ve­r­ed via the cloud, tha­t's rich in func­tio­na­li­ty, af­for­da­ble and fle­xi­ble for any fi­nan­ci­al in­sti­tu­ti­on tack­ling any mar­ket op­por­tu­ni­ty.

We are loo­king for a pas­sio­na­te, skil­led and en­thu­si­as­tic Java Soft­ware Ar­chi­tect or Java De­ve­l­oper to join the Mam­bu Ar­chi­tec­tu­re team. To­ge­ther with other de­ve­l­o­pers and soft­ware ar­chi­tects you will re­view the cur­rent sys­tem for sca­la­bi­li­ty and per­for­mance bott­len­ecks as well as look out for se­cu­ri­ty im­pro­ve­ments. You will then find and eva­lua­te la­test soft­ware ar­chi­tec­tu­re best prac­tices to im­pro­ve sca­la­bi­li­ty, sta­bi­li­ty, per­for­mance, se­cu­ri­ty and other ar­chi­tec­tu­ral as­pects of the cur­rent sys­tem.

You will be a part of the Mam­bu Ar­chi­tec­tu­re team in Dres­den. The Ar­chi­tec­tu­re team is be part of the over­all Pro­duct De­ve­lop­ment team, which is main­ly lo­ca­ted in Iasi, Ro­ma­nia.

What you'll be working on?

  • Iden­ti­fy sca­la­bi­li­ty, per­for­mance and sta­bi­li­ty chal­len­ges in the cur­rent sys­tem
  • Iden­ti­fy se­cu­ri­ty im­pro­ve­ments in the cur­rent sys­tem
  • Re­se­arch la­test soft­ware ar­chi­tec­tu­re best prac­tices to achie­ve non-func­tio­nal re­qui­re­ments
  • De­ve­lop pro­of-of-con­cepts and test their ef­fec­tiven­ess against non-func­tio­nal re­qui­re­ments
  • Do­cu­ment im­ple­men­ta­ti­on de­tails for soft­ware ar­chi­tec­tu­re al­ter­na­ti­ves to be pas­sed on to the Pro­duct De­ve­lop­ment team
  • Build a frame­work that al­lows us to quick­ly crea­te per­for­mance and sca­la­bi­li­ty pro­of-of-con­cepts, to give pro­s­pects as well as exis­ting cust­o­m­ers con­fi­dence in our sca­la­bi­li­ty and per­for­mance abili­ties
  • Work col­la­bo­ra­tive­ly in a fast-paced agi­le team to­ge­ther with soft­ware ar­chi­tects, de­ve­l­o­pers, qua­li­ty as­suran­ce en­gi­neers and pro­duct ma­nage­ment to sol­ve chal­len­ging pro­blems


You need to have:

  • Ba­che­lor de­gree or hig­her in Com­pu­ter Sci­ence, Soft­ware En­gi­nee­ring or re­la­ted
  • Se­veral ye­ars of ex­pe­ri­ence in web ap­p­li­ca­ti­on de­ve­lop­ment with Java (ba­ckend) or pro­found ex­pe­ri­ence as a Java soft­ware ar­chi­tect
  • Good SQL and re­la­tio­nal da­ta­ba­se know­ledge
  • Good plat­form sca­la­bi­li­ty know­ledge and ex­pe­ri­ence
  • Good ge­ne­ral soft­ware ar­chi­tec­tu­re un­der­stan­ding
  • Wide know­ledge of Java tech­no­lo­gies
  • Good cloud com­pu­ting know­ledge
  • En­thu­si­asm and pas­si­on to work in a team as well as sol­ve pro­blems in­de­pen­dent­ly
  • Ex­cel­lent writ­ten and ver­bal com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on skills in Eng­lish

It would be great if you also had:

  • Cloud ex­pe­ri­ence (e.g. AWS)
  • Good NoS­QL da­ta­ba­se know­ledge
  • Strong web ap­p­li­ca­ti­on se­cu­ri­ty skills
  • Ex­pe­ri­ence with front­end web tech­no­lo­gies (HTML5, Ja­va­Script, CSS3)

Why Mambu?

  • Mam­bu works with more than 150 fi­nan­ci­al in­sti­tu­ti­ons re­vo­lu­tio­ni­zing the sta­tus quo of fi­nan­ce in 39 coun­tries around the world and we'­re just get­ting star­ted.
  • Our cli­ents in­clu­de di­gi­tal ban­king or­ga­niza­t­i­ons, fin­tech in­no­va­tors, on­line len­ding com­pa­nies, P2P plat­forms, SME len­ders and tra­di­tio­nal banks who are all loo­king to ser­vice un­re­ached mar­kets.
  • We un­der­stand not­hing en­su­res our cust­o­m­er’s suc­cess more than a hap­py team, so Mam­bu is built on a cul­tu­re of trust and a sen­se of ow­nership to your work.
  • Peop­le at Mam­bu are un­re­a­son­ab­ly re­a­sonable, but most im­port­ant­ly they proac­tive­ly take an in­itia­ti­ve to im­pro­ve the in­dus­try for the bet­ter.
If you are thril­led by the op­por­tu­ni­ty to join our mul­ti-na­tio­nal team on its uni­que mis­si­on - we need to talk and will be ex­ci­ted to hear from you.

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