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Job Description

The Software Installation Engineer will join a team responsible for tasks related to changes to installations of software products created by our Product Division. These tasks include all steps that come after the software build process, such as installations, updates, reconfigurations, and data imports. The team performs these tasks in an automated way using self-made or open source tools, which this position will also use. The Software Installation Engineer will share these responsibilities with other members of the team. In addition, the Software Installation Engineer will advise the IT departments of our customers regarding installation requirements and suggestions.

This position is a full-time, onsite position (Dresden, Germany), with salary based on experience. If needed, Scionics provides assistance with moving costs.

During the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, we are all working from home. As the situation has allowed, we are moving to a mix of at-home and in-office work.


  • Use Python and Bash scripts to make changes to Scionics product installations:
    • Install and update
    • Change configurations
    • Clone instances
    • Data imports
  • Configure dependencies for product installations:
    • Setup/configure Apache
    • Setup/configure MySQL/MariaDB
    • Setup/configure other dependencies (such as the OS) as necessary
  • Communicate with the IT departments of our clients (mostly German), when new servers need to be installed, upgraded, or reconfigured at their site for our software
    • Advise on hardware specifications and server configurations
    • Advise on related issues they may encounter after installation


  • Good, overall knowledge of Linux and how services run
  • Experience with virtualization and containers ex) Docker, VMWare, Proxmox, Kubernetes, etc.
  • Knowledge of Git a must (particularly branching, merging, and cherry picking)
  • Thoroughness and keen attention to detail
  • Fluent in German, very good English skills
  • Customer-oriented, communicative, resilient and a team player
  • Desire to continuously improve your knowledge via training and courses

What We Offer

  • A friendly and international team
  • Flat hierarchy and open communication style
  • Training via courses and conferences
  • Flexible working hours during the week and home office options
  • Spacious work environment, with kitchen and complimentary coffee
  • Easily accessible office, near public transport, lunch options, post office and small grocery store

About the Company

Founded in 2000, Scionics is a private company that provides computing solutions to the international scientific research community. We currently employ 30+ professionals with diverse skills and extensive experience in desktop and server system administration, image analysis, high-performance computing, bioinformatics and software development.


Interested? If so, please send your CV and any other relevant information to Cornelia Albring at si.engineer@scionics.com with the subject “Software Installation Engineer”.

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