Mobility is an essential aspect of our lives. It forms the basis of economic success and means freedom for the individual. But it also costs enormous amounts of resources and pollutes our environment to a not inconsiderable degree. How can we design mobility in the future in such a way that the individual advantages are maintained and at the same time fewer resources are consumed? How do we succeed in combining different mobility concepts and designing easy-to-use offers from them? How do we maintain a heterogeneous market with many mobility providers? KAPRION is addressing these questions. With our product KAPRIS®, we provide our partners with functions for the control and networking of business processes, for the interaction of employees and customers and for the adaptation of interfaces as "software as a service". In this way, we are setting up a decentralised network that already connects more than 60 transport companies in four regions. In order to make our network even more attractive for other mobility service providers, we are expanding our platform to include mobile components.

Talents wanted and opportunities

If you can identify with the vision of developing platforms for multimodal transport and beyond and of expanding our network bit by bit, KAPRION is the right place for you. Computer scientists, media designers and business computer scientists who are particularly attracted by the keywords Java, Android, JavaScript, Angular, Node.js and BPMN are always welcome to introduce themselves. We are also happy to provide topics for internships, student traineeships and theses for those who still want to develop in this direction.