Kiwigrid GmbH



While we are delivering new energy resources into the entire world, we also support our local region in Dresden, Saxony. The community ITsax.de is a key enabler of our growth and we enable applicants by recommendation and feedback.

M. Christian Prüfer

Our Products and Solutions provide our partners with a flexible, modular and turn-key Smart Grid management and monitoring solution - efficiently connecting distributed energy generation with large or small-scale consumers.

Our operated SaaS Cloud Solution provides new revenue streams for our Partners by enabling innovative value added services for their customers.

Talents wanted and opportunities

Bringing together the brightest engineers, leading Universities and established Utilities, Kiwigrid's innovative products deliver the secure and reliable infrastructure necessary to keep energy affordable and make our Electrical Grid truely smart!

We are hiring specialists in Computer Scienes, Mechanical Engineering, Electrotechnology and Business Administration. For our ever growing team we look for project leaders, software developers, engineers, consultants, controllers and marketing experts.

Locations of the Kiwigrid GmbH

The Kiwigrid GmbH posts open positions for jobs, internships and apprenticeships in 01129 Dresden in Sachsen. Work from home (WFH) is also offered for some positions/locations.

Feedback from employees

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