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ITsax.de ermöglicht es uns, die Stellenanzeigen unserer Gesellschaften schnell und unkompliziert auf verschiedenen Portalen zu veröffentlichen und erleichtert uns somit die Rekrutierung geeigneter Fachkräfte. Zudem gibt uns das Empfehlungssystem die Möglichkeit guten Bewerbern, für die wir gerade leider keine passende Stelle frei haben, durch unsere Empfehlung auf Ihrem weiteren Berufsweg zu unterstützen.

Lydia Körner-Rothe

TUDAG was founded in June 2000 by the Gesellschaft von Freunden und Förderern der TU Dresden e.V. The GFF is the sole shareholder of TUDAG. It works strictly according to economic principles and generates profits for the GFF. The profits distributed to the GFF are used by the GFF for the benefit of the public.

Well-known firms, personalities and many former students of the TU Dresden actively support the development of the university by their membership. The society exclusively and directly pursues non-profit purposes.

Talents wanted and opportunities

As a specialist for knowledge and technology transfer, TUDAG has a diverse range of business models and flexible structures and acts as an ideal link between business, industry and science. For this function, we employ employees who take responsibility, seek exciting tasks and want to shape the future together with us - so you!

We help our employees to move forward and offer many benefits, such as a flexible work schedule, performance-based and industry-appropriate pay, job ticket and free drinks.

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Locations of the IAM Institute of Automotive Mechatronics GmbH

The IAM Institute of Automotive Mechatronics GmbH posts open positions for jobs, internships and apprenticeships in 01067 Dresden in Sachsen.

Feedback from applicants

Feedback from employees

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